University Honors

Wordsmithing the Future amesseng

UMD alumna is a trailblazer in AI, helping to build some of AI’s Large Language Models.

Pursuit of perspective

UMD Alum Nora Griffin-Wiesner credits her time in the Undergraduate Research Study Abroad program for widening her worldview.

Sustainable impact moua0341

UMD Student Remi Foust looks to make real change through sustainability at UMD.

Abbey Sweetman gets her wish lsikkink

Living and working in Germany became a reality for UMD alum

Exploring options lsikkink

UMD grad Gavrielle Gunther finds focus in the serendipitous

Land of Creation

UMD student makes a contribution to Denmark's LEGOLAND®

Behind the Journal: "Aisthesis"

Under the guidance of Assistant Professor Rebecca Boyle, University Honors students create a yearly academic journal.

UMD Helps at a Safe Shelter Anonymous (not verified)

College students volunteer at the Steve O’Neil Apartments.