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Ray Darland and Richard Griggs serve up anniversary cake

Milestones and Celebrations

February 15, 2021

Alumni are the living history of UMD.
Francisca Orellana-Barrera

Healing Through Language

February 8, 2021

Future plan: A medical career that also helps patients overcome cultural barriers.
UMD Greenhouse surrounded by snow-covered trees

Shining a Light on UMD’s Frontline Employees

January 25, 2021

Debbie Petersen

A Jewel of Environmental Learning

January 6, 2021

Boulder Lake Environmental Learning Center, citizen scientists, and bird nerds.
1970 photo of the economic department

Powering the Economy

January 6, 2021

David McMillan and his start at the Bureau of Business and Economic Research.
Cazz Martin

Using Football for Change

January 5, 2021

Cazz Martin aspires to take his future to the next level.
Blue Heron captain Rual Lee

Bulldog at the Helm

January 4, 2021

The conditions couldn’t have been more favorable for the 12-hour job… until they weren't.
birch trees

Favorite Outside Places

December 23, 2020

UMD students share amazing Northland adventures.
Four women from the wise women radio staff.

Radio for Wise Women

December 16, 2020

Student voices find air time in KUMD's studio.
Duluth Harbor

Boosting Minnesota's Economy

December 14, 2020

UMD alumnus Rolf Weberg tells NRRI's story.