2023-24 Faculty & Staff Award Winners

A ceremony celebrating faculty and staff efforts and years of service.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024 in the Kirby Ballroom.

University of Minnesota System Awards

Horace T. Morse-University of Minnesota Alumni Association Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education

This award honors a select group of exceptional faculty who exemplify the University's commitment to excellence in undergraduate education. 

  • Laura Carr, Mathematics & Statistics, SCSE
  • David Syring, Studies in Justice, Culture, and Social Change, CAHSS

University of Minnesota Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Award

This award honors faculty who have done significant research, teaching or service/leadership to advance justice, equity, diversity and inclusion at the University, in the person's field of study, or in our broader community. These awards are meant to advance and elevate equity work; provide funding in recognition of the value of that work; and showcase critical scholarship, pedagogy, and community engagement. 

  • Hessam Mirgolbabaei, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, SCSE

President’s Award for Outstanding Service

This award recognizes faculty and staff who have provided exceptional service to the University, its schools, colleges, departments, and service units. Such service must have gone well beyond the regular duties of a faculty or staff member, and demonstrate unusual commitment to the University community. 

  • Jennifer Mencl, Academic Affairs
  • Karen Nichols, Department of Social Work

University of Minnesota Duluth Awards

Undergraduate Faculty Advisor Award

This award is given each year to a faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding service to their students. 

  • Robin Murphy, Art & Design, CAHSS

Graduate Faculty Advisor Award

The Outstanding Graduate Faculty Advisor Award honors a faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in graduate advising. 

  • Jennifer Liang, Biology, SCSE

Chancellor's Award for Distinguished Research/Creative Activity

The Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Research honors faculty for their excellence in research, for their ongoing record of scholarly contributions to their field, and for their dedication to student research in education.

  • 10+ Years of Service: Nathan Johnson, Civil Engineering, SCSE
  • <10 Years of Service: Craig Hill, MIE, SCSE

Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching

The Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes faculty who have made contributions to the teaching mission of UMD that are of extraordinary quality and reflect UMD’s emphasis on high quality undergraduate and graduate education. This award honors faculty for innovative pedagogy, development of creative and critical thinking, student mentoring, commitment to liberal education, and leadership and impact within a department. 

  • 10+ Years of Service: Mary Christiansen, Civil Engineering, SCSE
  • <10 Years of Service: Jacob Wainman, Chemistry & Biochem, SCSE

Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Public Service

The Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Public Service is given to a faculty member who has demonstrated extraordinary and sustained commitment to public service and community engagement. This award recognizes faculty who have demonstrated an integration of community engagement in their teaching; shown leadership in advancing students’ civic learning; fostered community partnerships; or made contributions to positive change on issues of public concern. 

  • Jessica Rogers, Planetarium Director and Astronomy Instructor, Physics & Astronomy

Outstanding Staff Awards

  • Susan Rhoades, Health Services
  • Sanna Shields, Civil Engineering
  • Marie Thoms, Minnesota Sea Grant
  • Lori Kunkel, Health Services

Outstanding Team Award Recipient

UMD Children’s Place 

Leslie A. McFadden, Dani French, Brian Kline, Jill Engstrom, Madi Carlson, Abby Schmidt, and Allyson Paulsen

Celebrating Staff Years of Service

Celebrating 25 years of service:

Jason Agnich
Thomas Ballou
Daniel Bergman
Melissa Carlson
Troy Chalstrom
Christopher Edland
Julie Etterson
Molly Harney
Melissa King
Susan Kohlbry
Victoria Lehman
Teresa Linval
Susan Lombardo
James Luttinen
Gerald Matson
Scott Norr
Karl Oman
James Pospisil 
Debbie Rose
Karen Salmela
Angela Sharp
Chris Stevens 
Daniel Wabik
Patricia Wendinger
Kay Wohlhuter

Celebrating 30 years of service:

Cindy Christian
Priscilla Day
Aydin Durgunoglu
Vickery French
Christopher Heim
Lynda John
Rae Ann Johnson
Erik Larson
Randy Lee
Steve McDonald
Kathleen Neff
Robert Sterner
Judith Swanson-Hlina
Viktor Zhdankin

Celebrating 35 years of service:

Lawrance Bernabo
Linda Spencer
Jiann-Shiou Yang

Celebrating 40 years of service:

Michele Larson
Shelley Michalicek

Celebrating 45 years of service:

Gloria DeFilipps Brush
Scott Hanna