World Languages and Cultures

Abbey Sweetman gets her wish lsikkink

Living and working in Germany became a reality for UMD alum

Improving reality

Computer science student uses motion capture to augment reality

UMD Student Turned Diplomat wiedn006

An internship with the US State Department provides a unique opportunity

Pharmacy, a Medical Device, and Academics creitan

Katelyn France takes a triple win at UMD.

"Language connects us. Art connects us." editor

With her double major, UMD student celebrates the humanities and the arts.

Gómez Menjívar Promoted to Full Professor editor

Professor Jennifer Gómez Menjívar teaches courses in Spanish language and Latin American Studies.

Seeing the “Big Picture" editor

Students examine cultural and practical differences in sustainable practices between the United States and Germany.

Webinar: "Invisible Cities: Indigenous Resistance in Urban Colombia" editor

Webinar brings Colombian speaker to Duluth.