Ecology under ice cowardin

UMD research is advancing our understanding of lake ecology in the winter.

Fighting PFAS with plants cowardin

UMD Biology Student Roy Westerman is researching how plants and fungi might help solve our PFAS problem.

Chemistry class reinvented baume050

UMD grad student reimagines career, science teaching methods

Investing in the future amesseng

A $1 million gift to UMD’s Advanced Materials Center will support the education of future scientists and engineers, and further research on the repurposing of plastic waste.

Ask the experts: mild winters amesseng

UMD specialists weigh in on the lasting impacts of winters with warmer temperatures and less snow.

Planted in research cowardin

UMD chemistry graduate student, Mady Larson, is researching drought-tolerant plants.

From the ground up

Civil engineering students are on solid ground as they gain familiarity with the concepts and equipment involved in soil compaction

Understanding winter lake biology

UMD Associate Professor Ted Ozersky is the principal investigator on a newly funded project titled "Collaborative Research: Advancing a comprehensive model of year-round ecosystem function in seasonally frozen lakes through networked science."