Help from a friend

The Tutoring Center provides students with extra help to be academically successful

For Josh Curry, no question is out of the question.

Josh Curry works with another student in the Tutoring Center

As a peer tutor at UMD’s Tutoring Center, Curry is excited to help fellow students with their coursework. From small moments of clarity, to grasping entire subjects, Curry said the tutoring center is a great place to turn when you need extra help.

“My first year I struggled with a couple of classes. By going to the tutoring center I was able to get a not-so-good grade, all the way up to an A,” Curry said. “Being able to be that person for someone else is an indescribable experience.”

The Tutoring Center is located in the Academic Writing and Learning Center (AWLC) on the second floor of the Kathryn A. Martin Library and offers tutoring in a variety of subjects. Appointments can be made online.