Champ update

Champ's loyal fans speak out and UMD responds with a plan to build an inclusive process to update the Champ costume. 

Last Thursday, the University of Minnesota Duluth debuted an updated look for the iconic Champ the Bulldog mascot. Champ has had a long history as the official mascot of UMD, dating back to the debut of the costumed mascot in 1959. Since then, UMD has seen a number of changes to its Bulldog logo and costume. Over the last decade, the Bulldogs have transitioned to the exclusive use of the Gold champ mark for all uniforms, apparel for athletic teams, and licensed trademarks. 

We have heard from our students, alumni, fans, and supporters over the last few days and appreciate all of the passion for and loyalty to Champ. The previous UMD Champ mascot will return for the current school year. 

The process to update Champ began in 2021. Moving forward, Bulldog Athletics in partnership with University Marketing and Public Relations, will work with a committee to gather input and examine several concepts for the Champ costume. The Bulldogs are looking for students, alumni, fans, and supporters who would like to take part in this process to submit their information via this link

This committee will be tasked with helping select a new Champ that honors the rich history and tradition of the Champ mascot, considers modern enhancements like cooling features for the safety of the performer, and aligns with our maroon and gold brand. In addition to the committee, there will be opportunities for members of the campus and community to participate in the selection process.

To read more about the history of Champ, check this article featured on the UMD website.