Calculated risk

Smart risk-taking via mountain biking and hands-on experience in the transportation and logistics industry

Brandon Stachewicz working one his laoptop in one of his classes

There’s a mountain bike trail section in Duluth named “Calculated Risk.” It’s less of a trail, and more of a cascade of rock features. Near the top of Brandon Stachwicz’s camera roll, you’ll find video of him riding it. “There’s a certain degree of risk to everything we do,” Stachewicz said. “And that applies to my mountain biking, and picking a degree to study at a university.”

Stachewicz is studying management and entrepreneurship in the Labovitz School of Business & Economics. When he’s not making tight turns on the trails, he’s routing shipments and maneuvering a forklift for Dayton Freight, as a way to learn more about the transportation and logistics industry. “Getting industry experience is a huge part of education,” he said.

Brandon Stachewicz pauses mountain biking to take in the view of Lake Superior and the city of Duluth
Photo by Alex Messenger

Stachewicz was looking for a university with a reputable business school, excellent mountain biking trails, and opportunities outside of the classroom to put his education to practice. UMD checked all those boxes. Now, geared with newfound knowledge and hands-on experience, Stachewicz is on the fast track to success.