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Matt Wittmer

UMD masters student works to modify medicine

Austin Picture

Master's student tests concrete to create stronger roads.

Glensheen Concerts

Glensheen hosts nine summer concerts in 2022.

UMD Music Faculty, Dr. Tom Pfotenhauer, will be performing with the period orchestra at the 2022 Oregon Bach Festival on June 21 and June 27.

Blue Heron

Educators are learning more about microplastics and other threats on Lake Superior.

matt davies

Duluth native returns home with a medical degree.


A UMD biology project creates awareness and tracks trees and their changes

Celebrating the end of slavery in the U.S.

Northwoods bobcats and fishers research leads recent graduate Nate Weisenbeck to sea turtles on Florida beaches.

Report explores the challenges and research opportunities in electronic waste recycling.

Wandering bird lover settles at NRRI’s Avian Ecology Lab to grow understanding of bird migration and habitat.

Arrowhead Youth Games event returns to UMD.