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Resident Artist Concert: Oct. 7

September 6, 2017

Instructor of Trombone, Derek Bromme, plays in Resident Artist Concert.

Gloria DeFilipps Brush in Solitude

September 4, 2017

Professor Gloria DeFilipps Brush's work published.  

UMD's Weber Music Hall

Resident Artist Concert: Sept. 19

September 14, 2017

Paula Gudmundson, flute and Tracy Lipke-Perry, piano

UMD's Weber Music Hall

Resident Artist Concert: Sept. 8

September 4, 2017

Alice Pierce, voice and Tracy Lipke-Perry, piano, perform in a Resident Artist Concert.

Nicholas Phillips

Guest Artist Recital: Sept. 24

September 7, 2017

Nicholas Phillips, piano

painting of a lily

Inspired Art

September 1, 2017

Collaboration and connections acknowledged in art professor's exhibitions and events.

David Bowen Exhibition News

August 30, 2017

David Bowen, associate professor of Sculpture, featured in a variety of art exhibitions.

UMD Theatre 2017–18 Season tickets on sale NOW!

July 31, 2017

UMD Theatre 2017–18 season tickets on sale Aug. 1-31.

Jim Klueg in Visions of Clay 8

August 29, 2017

Jim Klueg, professor and head of Art & Design, has his work featured in exhibition.

Rainbow Connection Concert

August 29, 2017

UMD Music presents the Rainbow Connection Concert.