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The Walk Across North Dakota

October 15, 2017

UMD alumni co-author book about walking across North Dakota.

Over two summers, five friends walked across North Dakota, starting at the Montana border and finishing in Fargo. The Walk Across North Dakota, edited and co-authored by Gwendolyn Hoberg (alumna of the M.A. program in English), is available from North Dakota State University Press. 

The Walk Across North Dakota was written by five North Dakotans -- brothers Tyler Bold and Jeremy Bold, siblings Richard Hoberg and Gwen Hoberg, and Bruce Ringstrom. Gwen makes this observation on the walk:

“I love the prairie. There are so many birds, mostly in the tall slough grass but also on power wires and flying about. I love the blue sky and how it can be different shades of blue at the same time in different spots. I love the green fields and brown patches, and the reflection of grass and sky and even just brightly mirrored light in the roadside ditches full of water. I am so grateful our first night out is sunny and peaceful.”

Gwen Hoberg received her M.A. in English from UMD in 2013. In addition to being an author and editor, Gwen has played french horn in ensembles throughout Minnesota, including Duluth, Aurora, Thief River Falls, Mankato, Minneapolis, St. Cloud, Bloomington, and Moorhead. She enjoys arranging classical and pop music for horn and brass ensembles.  Explore more of Hoberg’s work