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Generous Donation Makes New Math Lab Possible

A dramatic view, looking up, of the Kathryn A. Martin Library.
August 11, 2016

The final touches on the Securian Math Learning Lab are underway in the Kathryn A. Martin Library, 416 Library Drive. 

The Securian Math Learning Lab is a space designed to simultaneously double capacity for developmental math courses, going from 60 to 120 seats, while facilitating smaller class sizes. It does this through a two-room design with the most up-to-date, active learning technology. “This gives our students a more efficient and flexible experience with access to helpful resources and teaching support,” said Bruce Peckham, professor and Mathematics and Statistics department head.

A $750,000 gift from Securian Financial Group is funding the project. It’s been bestowed in honor of Bob Senkler, a 1974 graduate and Securian’s recently retired CEO. “Bob has always been committed to investing in the next generation,” said Lori Koutsky, manager of community relations and the foundation at Securian. “He has a tremendous fondness and appreciation for UMD, as his education gave him the base for which he was able to become an influential leader in business and in the community.”

The lab is being integrated into the newly named Securian Learning Commons space on the second floor of the library. “Our library staff worked hard to reconfigure and reduce their workspaces in order to transform the area into a hub for teaching and learning,” says Kathryn A. Martin Library Director Matt Rosendahl.

The Securian Math Learning Lab is scheduled to open in late September.