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Ryuta Nakajima Exhibition

September 20, 2017

Solo Exhibition at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum.

Ryuta Nakajima's solo exhibition "Ryuta Nakajima: Squid & I, An Art and Science Symbiosis" opens Thursday, October 5 at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum, Winona Minnesota. The exhibition runs from October 6 to January 7,2018.

A few other exhibitions Ryuta Nakajima has participated in or juried:

-Nakajima completed his residency at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology ( following up his research on aggressive mimicry of cuttlefish which was recently feature in National Geographic video reaching 1.4million viewers). Nakajima is invited as outside researcher at Jonathan Miller Unit focusing on Sequence Conservation within and among Genomes: Quantitative Evolutionary, Comparative and Biomedical Genome.

-Nakajima is selected as an editor for a journal "Frontier in Physiology "CephsInAction: Towards Future Challenges for Cephalopod Science". 

-Nakajima curated an group exhibition "Cephalopod Interface: I love you more" at Cretaquarium in Crete, Greece. This exhibition will run until the end of September. The exhibition was sponsored by Cost Action FA 1301.

-Nakajima, with his marine conservation organization "Okinawa Seaside Laboratory" has produces an installation "Bleach" at Okinawa prefectural University of Arts. This exhibition was produced to bring awareness to the ongoing problem with coral reef bleaching caused by unusually high water temperature. The exhibition invited Dr. Ryota Suwa as a special guest lecturer to discuss the current condition of coral reef around the world followed by discussion with Nakajima.

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Image of Nakajima's work
Image of Nakajima's work