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We're Open All Summer!

May 7, 2017

What are you up to this summer?

Planning. Your. Adventure. Of. A. Lifetime!

School is out. Finals are over (whew)! Let us help you figure out what to do with your time. ;-)

The Study Abroad office is open all summer long and we'd love for you to stop by! We can help you look into all of the program options and give you guidance on how to get started. We have a plethora of program options with locations for any major. You can go for a few weeks, to a semester, or even a year! (Just note, many students who've studied abroad for a semester, WISH they would've stayed for a year! Just sayin...)

Anyway, we have semester programs ranging in estimated costs from $12,400 – $22,500 (p.s. a semester at UMD in 2016-17 was estimated at $12,124). Our short-term programs start at $5,200 and up for anywhere from 3-6 credits. Financial Aid can apply and there are MANY scholarships available!

One of our front desk Peer Advisors (past study abroad students) would be happy to share their experience.


—UMD Study Abroad

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