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An Office Abroad

July 18, 2017

The Office of Sustainability heads to a new continent to see how different countries have implemented renewable energies. 

For the next ten days, the Office of Sustainability will be visiting four different countries to learn more about the Energy Transition and energy reduction around the world. We will focus not only on the technical side of renewable energies but ways to help reduce energy usage and community engagement tactics as well.

Staff from the office will be joined by four others from UMD and the Duluth community. This opportunity has been made possible with various grants as well as Climate Smart Municipality Partnership between Duluth and Germany and partnerships between Duluth and cities around the world

Our first stop is Switzerland! 

What a coincidence that this 100 year old hydropower plant is right next to where we are staying?!

Klondike power plant

We also got to visit a modern hydropower plant that supplies energy to more than 1 million people! 



Describing Graphics

Our next stop was the top of the Swiss Alps, where lots of solar is nestled! Passive solar, solar photovoltaics, and solar thermal were ALL in use at the top! There were even signs at the top of the mountain helping to educate visitors on climate change! 

Solar barns


Stay tuned for more! Next stop? Germany!