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New Staff Member

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February 20, 2019

The ITSS Enterprise Team is back to full staffing level thanks to the addition of Joshua Muhich.

 Joshua MuhichJoshua Muhich

Josh joined ITSS as a developer on February 18. After receiving necessary training and getting familiar with all the applications, Josh is expected to be the primary contact for these applications supported by the team. He will communicate with our end users about their applications needs, help make changes, and facilitate the request ticketing process until end user's requests get fully resolved. In the long run Josh will work on designing and developing new applications to meet the business needs of various campus academic and administrative units along with other developers.

Josh grew up in Eveleth, Minnesota. He graduated from UMD in Computer Science in 2016. After graduation, he began to work in Duluth at Saturn Systems as a programmer for more than two years.

When weather allows, he enjoys running. He ran Grandma's Marathon as his first marathon last year. He also likes to listen to podcasts and read challenging books.

You can phone Josh at 726-8866 or email him at His office is located in KPlz 353.

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