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Rob Wittig & Monstrous Weather Netprov

Older white men seated in a group reading from scripts
February 13, 2019

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design Rob Wittig's recent Netprov project featured in Electronic Book Review article.

What is Monstrous Weather?

To understand this process of creating a fictional storyworld from a fragmented set of micro-fictions through rewriting, retelling and rereading, it is worth looking in more detail at a recent netprov, Monstrous Weather.

Inspired by the 200th anniversary of the night that Mary Shelley, Percy Shelley and Lord Byron sat together during a spell of monstrous weather and told ghost stories, participants in the netprov were encouraged to "summarize a scary story somebody told the week the internet was down."

Organized by Wittig and Mark C. Marino under the auspices of their "Meanwhile… netprov studio" brand, the netprov played out in a dedicated Google Group, with participants either posting their stories as new threads, or responding to existing threads with follow-up stories or remixes of previous stories.

exerpt taken from full article available at here

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