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Mikhaila Lampert: One Busy Communication Summer

July 26, 2016

Mikhaila Lampert: three jobs on campus!

Mikhaila Lampert is finding her interest in communication helpful. This summer she has three jobs on campus and in every one of them, good communication makes her successful. 

“Variety makes it fun,” she says. “With three jobs, I’m always meeting new people, and there’s always something going on."


At UMD’s Glensheen Historic Estate, Mikhaila is a tour guide. She is stationed at one of the rooms in the house to answer questions. “I love history, so telling people about it while I work at Glensheen is amazing,” she says.

Her favorite room is the formal living room. “There's so much stuff there,” she says. “Visitors can always find something to ask me about.”

The Congdons traveled to every continent except Antarctica. “They brought back items to display as conversation pieces.” One of the highlights is the 'Paris by Day, Paris by Night' lamp in the living room, where a different scene shows in the lampshade when it is off.  “They’ve had electricity in their home since the beginning. At Glensheen, I’m on my feet, I’m talking non-stop, and it’s great.”


Her second job is with Students in Transition (SIT). “I help incoming freshmen plan their fall classes,” Mikhaila says. She has a coach-type role.

“I get to help them to explore the different classes,” she says. “SIT recommends that new students don’t dive in with an all-science or all-business course load.” Instead Mikhaila encourages new students to learn about the world. “The students are excited and nervous,” she says. “I remind them they can plan their own schedule. They can pick the classes that they like.”

Incoming students enjoy talking to UMD students. They ask a lot of questions. “They ask me what I do for fun,” she says. “They want to know what the dorms are like. I’m as authentic as I can be. I tell them about the resident advisors and the activities. I tell them who my favorite teachers are, and I know it reassures them that UMD is the right choice.”


Recreation Sports Outdoor Programs is hopping in the summer. There’s the climbing wall, paddle board classes, more than a dozen camp options, swimming, and a lot more. There’s equipment rental (think canoes, kayaks and tents), day passes for the fitness center, and much more.

For her third summer job on campus, Mikhaila is in the middle of it all. “I run the front desk and act as kind of a personal secretary for the staff,” she says.

The office has a steady stream of people looking for innovative ways to stay healthy and try new activities. While it is busy and it involves a lot of paperwork, Mikhaila considers it relaxing in a way. “The staff is like family to me. Everyone is so nice.”

Mikhaila, who is from Spooner, Wis., will be a junior this fall. The experience in communication she gained from her three summer jobs will help her in her course work. Think of how easy a public speaking class will be after three months as a Glensheen tour guide. 

She is majoring in writing studies and sociology, with a communication minor, and her current career goal is a communication position with a conservation organization, but that could change. There’s a few things she like to do first, like study abroad in Europe or even South America.

One thing she is sure about, juggling three UMD summer jobs is a lot of fun. 

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