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Context and Perspective

Caitlyn Walker
February 14, 2017

Junior Caitlyn Walker, Organizational Management major, is taking advantage of LSBE's new International Business minor.


The International Business minor helps students discover new perspectives and approaches that are different from those in the United States. Economies, currencies, and how government can play a part in the business economy all need to be considered. “People from different places buy different products and have a different approach at business transactions. This minor will help me learn how to tailor business strategies to these cultures,” said Caitlyn.

“In order to successfully communicate between international businesses, one must have contextual knowledge about each country and give each representative of the business the opportunity to speak their truth,” Caitlyn continued.

The courses required for the minor allow students to participate in hands-on activities and real life simulation-based learning. “I would encourage students who want to travel and broaden their perspective of the world to add the minor; it is only a few extra classes, and you get to build experience working and communicating with real people and real communities,” said Caitlyn.  


Caitlyn desires to land a position in international consulting or sales after she graduates in fall 2017. “I love to travel. My passion is invested in making connections with people who are different than me,” said Caitlyn. “Especially in today’s world, you have to be able to communicate with people who are different than you. There is value in understanding and connecting with people despite the difference between language, culture, or business strategies.”

“My experiences and education at UMD launched my passion for travel and international business,” said Caitlyn. She started working with Students in Transition during her sophomore year and realized that the people in this program embraced each other’s differences. Caitlyn was inspired by how much she learned from these individuals, and making these new connections is what had a huge impact on her life.

“There is such a wide array of personalities and people with diverse backgrounds. Everyone has their own story and it is our job as professionals, students, and human beings to understand them,” said Caitlyn. She continues to stay involved both on campus and in the community. Caitlyn wants to encourage others to, “make a change and put yourself out there.”

The International Business minor provides the opportunity for students to acquire global knowledge about communication and economics. This program “provides a way for everyone to be a leader and a way for everyone to learn,” said Caitlyn.

For more information about the majors and minors offered at UMD’s business school, visit the Labovitz School of Business and Economics website.