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KUMD July Highlights

August 9, 2017

Listen to some stories you may have missed on KUMD in July.

Each week KUMD 103.3 FM covers numerous locally and internationally relevant topics and many times these stories have connections with our incredibly knowledgeable, resourceful and talented UMD community. Here are just some of the stories KUMD aired last month featuring UMD people, places and events:

Green Visions: Cafe Scientifique: coffee, cabernet and conjecture
July 5, 2017: ​UMD scientists take part in a monthly opportunity to talk science...

Radio Gallery: Systems Thinkers
July 6, 2017: This week on Radio Gallery we spotlight a unique collaboration between artists and scientists and workshop open to all. Kathy Neff of the UMD Fine Arts Academy is the guest.

Day care for dogs as economic development? Some say Duluth is barking up the right tree.
July 6, 2017: What do young professionals want in a city? Canal Bark’s (and UMD’s) Dr. Andrea Schokker is the guest.

MN Reads: "What Should A Clever Moose Eat?" by John Pastor
July 6, 2017: Not what they've got on offer now, that's for sure. Dr. John Pastor has been at UMD 32 years, and in that time, has seen moose populations go from..

"It adds another layer of accountability"
July 13, 2017: UMD's Police department is testing the use of body cameras on two officers this summer, and Police Chief Sean Huls says it's not to monitor officers... 

"I'm a true believer in interdisciplinarity"
July 14, 2017: Nathan Ratner has always been a bit of an overachiever. Not only did the med student help start Journey To Wellness in Indian Country here at KUMD... 

Brain gain replacing brain drain? Rural communities want to attract more residents
July 31, 2017: What if you wanted to stay and work in your tiny Minnesota home town after college - and you could find a job there? A partnership with the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and the University of Minnesota Extension Service are working to find answers.

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