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KUMD June Highlights

July 10, 2017

Listen to some stories you may have missed on KUMD in June.

Each week, KUMD 103.3 FM covers numerous locally and internationally relevant topics and many times these stories have connections with our incredibly knowledgeable, resourceful and talented UMD community. Here are just some of the stories KUMD aired last month featuring UMD people, places and events:

KUMD's 60th Anniversary Celebrations
June 1, 2017: This year marks KUMD's 60th Anniversary, and we invite you to join us in celebration.

"Unlicensed experimental broadcasts" and more - KUMD: the early years
June 6, 2017: KUMD ramps up to our 60th Anniversary celebration by talking to some of our founders about the early years.  16 2/3 RPM records (yes, that is a real thing), give-away classical music, a cast-off teletype and a donated, out-moded transmitter.

"There must be MILLIONS of people listening right now" and other stories from KUMD's early days
June 6, 2017: KUMD ramps up to our 60th Anniversary celebration by talking to some of our founders about the early years.  From the star-struck teen who recorded KUMD's RPM show onto cassette night after night, to the man behind the mic creating curated music performances...

Journey to Wellness in Indian Country - thinking about food as an asset
June 12, 2017: Journey to Wellness in Indian Country is produced with help from Dr. Mary Owen, Director, Center of American Indian and Minority Health. Living in a food desert is bad enough - that's defined as an area vapid of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthful whole foods, usually found in

Radio Gallery: Sinew at the Tweed
June 13, 2017: There is a new exhibit called "Sinew" at the Tweed Museum of Art bringing together the work of celebrated and accomplished female Native artists living...

KUMD is a Proud Partner of the Park Point Art Fair
June 16, 2017: Over 120 artists from the region and beyond are set to display their work at the 46th annual Park Point Art Fair on Saturday, June 24th and Sunday,...

Art Week: ceramicist Ray Shelerud (back after nearly 32 years)
June 21, 2017: Ceramicist Ray Shelerud on his first Park Point Art Fair (courtesy his UMD professor), the "grand passion" of his life ... and where people really are when they call in sick from work. (Hint: check the area...

The tragedy at Glensheen: 40 years later and still "too soon"?
June 27, 2017: On the 40th anniversary of the deaths of Elisabeth Congdon, 83, and Velma Pietila, 66, in 1977, Lucie Amundsen of Glensheen talks about walking the line between the curiosity of visitors to the mansion and "too soon"?

KUMD is a public radio station, owned by the Regents of the University of Minnesota.  The station reaches over 60-mile radius from Duluth on 103.3 FM and attracts listeners from all over the U.S. and from over 40 countries online at


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