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The Best and the Brightest

UMD Student Lindsey Dirks holding Sieur du Luth Award
May 10, 2019

UMD Kirby Student Center student leaders honored.

UMD's Office of Student Life and Kirby Student Center honored 77 students at the annual Leadership Awards Ceremony. Eight undergraduate students received notable student awards, while 36 students received the UMD Leadership Certificate. This is the University's only student-driven recognition program, which means these students were recognized by their peers for their outstanding achievements. Winners and nominees were honored at the Leadership Awards Reception on April 29.

Emily Borra, Kirby Leadership Institute and Bulldog Welcome Week coordinator, said, "These UMD Bulldogs are among the best and brightest in the student body. They go above and beyond, and they will leave a lasting impression on UMD as a whole. We are grateful to these students for going the extra mile to make UMD and the Duluth community a better place."

These awards evaluate important qualities in students who represent UMD in a positive light. UMD student awards honor and recognize various aspects such as leadership qualities, world-mindedness, positivity, extracurricular achievements, and community service.

Featherman Award: was established in 1995 by Dr. Sandra Featherman, a former vice chancellor of academic affairs at UMD and a nationally recognized champion for diversity and inclusion, and her husband Bernard.  It publicly recognizes and honors students who have exhibited accomplishments which encourage greater understanding between diverse groups

  • Ron Willis

Siggelkow Leadership: was established by the Siggelkow family to recognize Kirby Program Board student leaders who have exhibited, by their example and actions, outstanding leadership, personal integrity and courage to act on their convictions.

  • Kevin Adah

Student Sustainability Inspiration Award: honors an undergraduate student who demonstrates outstanding leadership in integrating sustainability into any aspect of campus life.

  • David Herrera

Emerging Leader Award: honors those students that are first- and second-year students who have positively impacted our campus community through outstanding service at UMD.

  • Neal Bhakta

Bulldog Award: given to juniors, seniors, and graduate students who have positively impacted our campus community through outstanding service. 

  • Mary Franz and Elijah Farley

Sieur du Luth Award: the highest award given to a UMD undergraduate student that has been engaged on campus for at least three years. It honors exceptional service to student organizations, the University, and the community at large. 

  • Mike Kenyanya and Lindsey Dirks

Arrowhead Award: presented to up to five individual members of a registered student organization to honor service to their group. The recipients of the Arrowhead Award are chosen by the members of the group itself, so this award is a thank you to the members from their peers.

  • Lydia Anderson
  • Spencer Basarich
  • Hayley Bercier
  • Rebecca Bourget
  • Jena DeRung
  • Juliana Epstein
  • Rebecca Fleming
  • Thomas Florestano
  • Mary Franz
  • Lauren Gotvald
  • Becky Green
  • Jade Hipp
  • Natalie Kohner
  • Dana Langlee
  • Aaron Moller
  • Dannyelle Moon
  • Jade Moorse
  • Christine Neumann
  • Meaghan O'Connor
  • Nick Peterson
  • Abbie Rahne
  • David Ries
  • Laura Roberge
  • Zach Scegura
  • Olivia Schultz
  • Gabrielle Scott
  • Lexie Severtson
  • Sam Shepherd
  • Ashley Swanson
  • Allie Ulland
  • Jon Wallace
  • Ron Willis

The Kirby Leadership Institute was founded 11 years ago to fill the need for leadership education at UMD. This year, there were 33 recipients of the UMD Leadership Certificate. These students completed a rigorous set of requirements that includes academic coursework, community service, learning outside the classroom, and personal reflection that has resulted in the beginning of their journey as leaders beyond the UMD campus.

  • Bethany Brewer
  • Elisabeth Dean
  • Iman Geleto
  • Hebron Girma
  • David Herrera Santacruz
  • Tyler Hoaglund
  • Emilie Holman
  • Christine Hovet
  • Britany Howell
  • Bukola Ibitoya
  • Sarah Jackson
  • Erin Jirik
  • Heidi Johnson
  • Jessica Langer
  • Alyssa Larsen
  • Jordan Matteson
  • Lauren McDonald
  • Ashley Neitzel
  • Alaina Phillips
  • Michelle Quach
  • Mara Rosenwinkel
  • Lexie Severtson
  • Ryan Sherden
  • Keke Sirjoid
  • Krista Slavin
  • Alyssa Sorenson
  • Leah Spaeth
  • Elise Strauman
  • Kenechukwu Udejiofor
  • Pajuaplai Vang
  • Megan Veeder
  • Andrew Weisz
  • Maggie Zheng

About the Kirby Leadership Award