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UMD Jazz Scholarship Concert 2017

October 6, 2017

UMD Jazz Ensemble II, UMD Jazz Ensemble I, & Big Time Jazz Orchestra, Oct. 11.

Jazz Scholarship Concert

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
 | 7:30 pm
UMD Jazz Ensemble II, UMD Jazz Ensemble I & Big Time Jazz Orchestra

Marshall Performing Arts Center
Adult $16 | Senior/Veteran $11 | UMD Faculty/Staff $9 | Student $8 | UMD Student $6
2017–2018 Jazz Scholarship Winners
Madeline Arnott
Peter Brown
Jonathan Cornelius
Stefan Duginski
Tim Heil
Andrew Resler
Matt Tessier
Dan Vopal
Jacob Young
The UMD Bernstein/Krenzen Jazz Scholarship was established in 1990 with the launching of the UMD Jazz Studies degree program.  Through a generous gift from Mr. Jack Krenzen, the scholarship was designated for Jazz Studies majors, preferably those whose major instrument is the trumpet, in the name ofBernie Bernstein, a long-time area jazz supporter and musician.  The Bernstein/Krenzen scholarship personifies what community and education working together is all about.  More than that, it is about a great friendship between Jack and Bernie, and the noble way in which Jack acted to symbolize that friendship – by naming a scholarship in Bernie’s honor and giving outstanding students pursuing jazz studies at UMD financial assistance as well as recognition. 
The UMD Billy Barnard Jazz Scholarship was established in 1997 by long-time faculty member and respected Jazz Studies instructor in the Department ofMusic at the University of Minnesota Duluth, Billy Barnard.  He desired to see more scholarship funds available to UMD Jazz Studies students.  The Billy BarnardScholarship is to provide an annual scholarship award to a UMD Jazz Studies student who shows promise of contributing to the improvisational jazz community.
The UMD Eric Tobias Johnson Music Scholarship in memory of the UMD graduate and guitarist Eric Johnson is awarded to students pursuing a degree in music at UMD. Must be full-time and in good academic standing. Preference is given to a deserving student(s) in the jazz studies program. If there are none during that particular year, the scholarship may be given to a deserving student majoring in music. A student may reapply for consecutive years. This scholarship may be combined with other awards the student may receive. A committee of 3-5 music/jazz faculty selected by the department head will choose a deserving student who is highly motivated and serious about music. The committee has the discretion as to how to identify and select candidates.
UMD Kathryn A. Martin Scholarship for Theatre, Jazz and Women's Ice Hockey – Students must be in good standing, with some demonstrated financial need. Renewable. Transfer students are eligible. One of each theater, jazz, and women's ice hockey students are to receive this scholarship each year.

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