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Helping Consumers with Renewable Energy

May 1, 2015

Sam Domeier transformed his appreciation for the environment into a career in the energy industry.

It’s impressive but not at all surprising that Sam Domeier, ’10, is the youngest product portfolio manager at Xcel Energy.

Not quite 30 years old and he’s managing multiple energy efficiency programs at Xcel Energy’s Denver office - things like energy audits, rebates, and renewable energy options. “There’s never a dull moment,” says Sam. “It can be challenging; we have to stay on top of changes affecting the energy industry.”

A major in political science prepared Sam for the policy side of his job, while his passion for sustainability gave him the intangible skill set that positioned him for success.

Growing up in southcentral Minnesota, Sam spent his free time hunting and fishing. While in pursuit of game he bagged an appreciation for the environment that his parents pared with a side of sustainability. They modeled behavior that was embedded into his persona at a young age. “Riding a bike instead of jumping in a car, recycling, turning off the lights. Then, in college, I continued this with my degree.”

Sam says he chose to go to school in Duluth in large part because of the beauty of the city on the Lake Superior shoreline. The decision was serendipitous because it allowed Sam to work with Mindy Granley, sustainability coordinator at UMD, who offered Sam his first opportunity to do work in the field that would become his career. “I spent a year helping her manage the energy conservation programs at UMD. I can’t thank Mindy enough for her support, insights, and guidance.”


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