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Amplifying the Message

Graphic design students' 2017 project
February 6, 2018

UMD students design for upcoming NAACP dinner.

UMD graphic design students are raising money for the Duluth NAACP by creating pieces that will be sold at the Freedom Fund Dinner on Friday, February 23, 2018 at Clyde Iron Works, 2920 W. Michigan Street.

The students’ work will be sold during an art show from 5 - 6 p.m. before the dinner begins at 6 p.m. Half of the sales are earmarked for donation to the Duluth NAACP, although many students donated their entire proceeds to the non-profit during last year’s event.

The Movement Imprinted

The pieces are the outcome of Assistant Professor Terresa Hardaway’s assignment “The Movement Imprinted, Music of the Revolution,” in which Hardaway asked her students to create pieces based on a song about the African-American experience, and she specified that their design should emulate an African-American graphic designer.

“I assign this so that students can get a wider worldview and understand different cultures and apply that to their work as a designer. Their work is to solve human problems, so they have to design projects about experiences that aren’t like theirs,” explains Hardaway.

Hardaway sees the Freedom Fund Dinner as an opportunity to talk to students about designing for all people. This is the second year that her students have designed for an NAACP event.

More About the Dinner

The Freedom Fund Dinner keynote speaker is Seitu Ken Jones, an artist known for “CREATE: The Community Table,” a half-mile-long public art installation that sat 2,000 guests at the same table to discuss access to healthy food.

Jones was also Minneapolis’ artist-in-residence and an original company member of the Penumbra Theatre.

The Freedom Fund Dinner emcee is Ramona Marozas, a multimedia Journalist at CBS3. 

Freedom Fund Dinner information.