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Future Bulldogs Walk the Walk (While Their Parents Talk the Talk)

Students walk by the Civil Engineering Building
June 23, 2016

More than 100 future Bulldogs will register for classes and meet with advisors on Friday, June 24. 

More than 100 future Bulldogs will register for classes and meet with their advisors on Friday, June 24. The students are enrolled in UMD’s College of Liberal Arts and Swenson College of Science and Engineering programs.

The day begins at 9:45 a.m. with a welcome presentation by the Office for Students in Transition in room 175 of the Life Science building, 1110 Kirby Drive.

Kirby Student Center

Parents also receive the 411 on college life on Friday during a meeting with the Division of Student Life. A campus tour and special sessions on housing, financial aid, and campus services are designed to help moms and dads partner in their student’s success.

Advisement and Registration days are held throughout the summer for all of UMD’s academic units. “This is students’ first step to becoming a full-fledged member of the UMD Bulldog pack and is mandatory for all students,” explains Jill Beuning, advisement and registration coordinator for the Office for Students in Transition.

Registration for the College of Liberal Arts has been happening for generations, but Dean Susan Maher says that what students learn is changing. “Liberal Arts colleges have not stood still in time. We’ve added important new programs for 21st century professions that are paving the way into exciting careers for UMD graduates.” 

These include graduate and undergraduate degrees in Tribal Administration and Governance that are setting the standard nationally; a Bachelor of Science in Linguistics that prepares students for careers in information technology, security fields, and cognitive science; a unique Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Entrepreneurship that is connecting UMD to international institutions; and a Bachelor of Arts in Geographical Information Systems.

Advisement and Registration is the first in a series of programs for all incoming students.

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