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Enthusiastic to Begin 3M's Frontline Program

Faces of six LSBE students
February 19, 2019

Six LSBE students will be immersed in internship sales and business training this summer. 

The students were accepted into the 3M Frontline Sales Initiative program. When completed, the students may be hired full time.

Molly Arbuckle, Charlie Crist, Eliza Ebel, Lizzy Fontes, Alexa Hilger-Sawochka, and Kaylee Wallner will first attend the Frontline program conference in San Antonio, Texas in April. There, the LSBE students will meet and build relationships with other interns and numerous 3M employees, listen to keynote speakers, and learn about the Fortune 500 company that has $32 billion in sales. Afterward, the students begin their summer-long internships within the company’s five divisions in the United States. (See more about each individual student below.)

“What these students have accomplished is outstanding,” said Andrew Boyd, LSBE alum (‘07) and global platform marketing manager for 3M’s home environment market. “We’re looking forward to hosting and demonstrating to these superstars why we believe we’re one of the best in the world.”

While 3M and LSBE have had a longstanding relationship, last March, LSBE was designated by 3M as one of only 14 universities offering the Frontline Sales Initiative program that provides students with high caliber experiential learning in the sales industry. The seven former Frontline program 2017 interns are now full-time 3M employees at offices in St. Paul, Arkansas, Texas, and Indianapolis.

LSBE, which is increasing its focus on sales, is currently offering a Certificate in Professional Selling and is working to add a sales major to its curriculum and establish an integrated sales center that would provide students with more rigorous experiential opportunities for careers in sales.

“By adding the 3M Frontline Sales Initiative program and certificate and working toward establishing a major and sales center, LSBE is uniquely positioned to provide advanced opportunities to our students who are interested in sales,” said Amy B. Hietapelto, LSBE dean.  


Molly Arbuckle is a marketing major who will be graduating in spring 2020. Molly grew up in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and will be interning at 3M in field sales. “Last year when I took Principles of Marketing with John Kratz, I knew I wanted to start my career out of college in sales. I know I will be able to put all of my effort into the field sales position because what 3M does and my values and skills match. Eventually, I want to become a VP of a division. The skills that I will gain from this internship will allow me that extra step in the business world to succeed and become who I want to be.”

Charlie Crist is a marketing analytics major who graduates this spring. Charlie is from Savage, Minnesota and will be interning at 3M in field sales. “I became interested in 3M’s Frontline program during my junior year. I sat through an informational session and learned about the opportunities that this program can provide. The field sales position fits me because I love to network and meet new people. I will be able to travel and build face-to-face relationships with clients. My career goals now are to expand my professional network and be open to new experiences. Long-term, I want to become a director in a company.”

Eliza Ebel is a marketing major who graduates this spring. She hails from Chanhassen, Minnesota, and will be interning at 3M in field sales.  “I have always wanted to work with a company that believes in technology, leads markets through innovation, and has a global presence to help people. I found 3M’s corporate vision is aligned with my goals, and through field sales, I’ll be able to help find solutions to make new levels of victory achievable for others and be challenged every day. After completion of 3M's Frontline program, I will embark on my long-term career goal of achieving an executive level position at 3M and assisting other young professionals, as my mentors have done for me.”

Lizzy Fontes is a communication major with marketing minor who is graduating in May. From Apple Valley, Minnesota, Lizzy will be interning at 3M in marketing. “I felt that the Frontline program would be challenging and really take me out of my comfort zone. Through the frontline internship position, I will gain exposure to a great range of customers, industries, and technologies. Learning from other 3Mers will allow me to fully embrace the value of my own journey, and empower me to exceed expectations. Moving forward, my goal is to obtain a full-time position at 3M, and continue learning from different industries. A company as great as 3M gives me the opportunity to constantly challenge myself and foster relationships that will help me reach my career goals.”

Alexa Hilger-Sawochka is a marketing analytics major who will be graduating in the fall of 2019. Alexa is originally from Maple Grove, Minnesota. She will be interning at 3M in business analytics. “The 3M Frontline program will give me real-world experience in several areas of business. I chose the business analytics internship because I wanted to experience data in a large company where I could make a difference and further my knowledge. The opportunity is extremely beneficial for my future because I will have exposure to networking opportunities and lessons about business practices, while constantly gaining experience. Post-graduation I plan to obtain a full-time entry-level data analytics position and work toward my master’s degree.”

Kaylee Wallner is a marketing major who will be graduating in May of 2020. A Brainerd, Minnesota, native, Kaylee will be interning at 3M in marketing. “I became interested in the Frontline program when Andy Boyd visited my class. The way he talked about the program and what it has done for former students sounded so rewarding with endless opportunities. I chose marketing as it’s my major, and I wanted to further my skills, knowledge, and abilities from within the field. 3M is an amazing company with diverse locations for opportunities with travel and different experiences within the marketing realm. I feel the right career for me would be a marketing director or digital marketing manager with an emphasis on travel. 

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Photo: Top row: Molly Arbuckle, Charlie Crist, and Eliza Ebel
            Bottom row: Lizzy Fontes, Alexa Hilger-Sawochka, and Kaylee Wallner