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Duo While Traveling Internationally

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February 18, 2019

Learn how Duo can be used outside of the United States.

If you are not traveling to a U.S. embargoed country, you can use Duo authentication when traveling internationally. This is true even without WiFi or cellular service. There are 2 preferred methods for getting passcodes:

  1. Use Duo Mobile while you travel
  2. Generate passcodes prior to travel

If you already own a hardware token or a U2F Security Key, you may also use those while traveling. If a staff or faculty member would like a hardware token mailed to them, IT will send it to their department. The department will be responsible for mailing the token to the user.

If you are traveling to a U.S. embargoed country, you may not use Duo. Read the Duo in embargoed countries disclaimer. For additional help, contact your supervisor, Technology Help, or the International Student Support Service.

For more details, read how to Use Duo While Traveling Internationally.