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Commission on Disabilities Seeks New Members

September 4, 2017

Join UMD's Commission on Disabilities.

UMD's Commission on Disabilities is seeking new members. The commission's goal is to create an equitable and inclusive campus environment for people with disabilities by providing advocacy, outreach, and awareness.

Like other Chancellor’s commissions, the Commission on Disabilities is a working commission.  Its members:

a. are committed to creating an inclusive & equitable campus environment

b. actively participate in commission meetings, events and activities, and their  own personal and professional development.

Some ongoing action steps of the Commission include:

  • Increasing member involvement on the Commission
  • Increasing the Commission’s visibility and impact on campus
  • Providing education and awareness through events & advocacy
  • Reviewing and improving accessibility on campus
  • Education & awareness around mental health conditions and reducing stigma
  • Challenging systemic policies and procedures that are not equitable and/or inclusive

If you are interested in joining the Commission on Disabilities, please follow this link and fill out the google form: 

For more information, please contact the current commission co-chair, Gina Pudlick at

Visit the Disability Resources webpage.

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