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Chance at the Tweed

UMD Tweed Chance exhibit image
October 12, 2017

An opening reception will be held Oct. 19 to celebrate the soundscape and digital-art experience created by artist Kathy McTavish

UMD’s Tweed Museum of Art is hosting Chance, a year-long exhibition installation by multi-media artist Kathy McTavish that explores the intersection of art and technology.

An opening reception will be held Thurs., Oct. 19 from 6-8 pm. This event, like the Tweed, is free and open to the public. The exhibit runs Oct. 17, 2017-Oct. 28, 2018.

Chance is a site-specific work developed for the Tweed Museum's Sax Brothers' Gallery. It is composed of 8 networked machine quartets. A circle in circle orchestration governs the dynamics of each quartet as a spatially-distributed soundscape that follows a given pattern that is repeated in the machine quartets, the color palette on video screens, and in 4 tonal centers that mirror the strings of the cello. The exhibit blends the generated hum of sine waves hovering near 4 tonal centers with a subtle chordal wash of natural sound produced by various organic and mechanical materials. The effect is a near/far aural experience that articulates the space occupied by the audience.

Chance is a synergetic installation driven by code that combines image and sound to create a cross-sensory, polyphonic experience. As viewers journey through a landscape of painted walls, they will be immersed in an environment choreographed by code, where a circle of machine quartets engages the ear while each viewer experiences the chance concurrences of digitally generated visual patterns and sounds that shift one's sense of space. View installation video.

"Chance is an installation of algorithmic artwork that generates a dynamic sensory environment wherein uncertainty, randomness, variability of a networked generative art form is orchestrated to illuminate and reveal the nature of ecosystems, evolution and language webs." - Kathy McTavish

Printed versions of digital images will be available in the space for audience members to 'read' as if these printed booklets were blueprints or a score. Benches and yoga mats will be available for visitors to linger awhile.

Related Events:
McTavish will offer special events tied to the installation that involve some community artists. The schedule will be announced on the Tweed Museum's website.

About Kathy McTavish
Kathy McTavish is a composer and digital media artist, with a background in cello performance, mathematics, ecology, music theory and code. Her work uses generative methods - data, text, code, sound and abstract, layered moving images - to build interactive, multi-channel video and sound environments that that flow from the web to the room.

About the Museum:
The Tweed Museum of Art is a collecting art museum that holds in trust a historical and contemporary art collection of over 10,000 artworks on behalf of the University of Minnesota, the people of Duluth, and outlying regions. The museum is located on the campus of the University of Minnesota Duluth. Hours and directions can be found at or by calling 218-726-8222.