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1976 - The Face Behind the Mask

October 4, 2016

Forty years ago Marcia Semerau was Champ the Bulldog!

Marcia was the pep band mascot from 1975-1977, her and two other women rotated as being Champ. Marcia was working in the Student Association travel office with close friends who had helped her get the daring position of being the mascot on skates. She quotes “My biggest challenge was to stand up and not fall down!” One of her favorite memories was; every time when UMD scored a goal Champ (Marcia) would ring the bell. She enjoyed sharing the head of the outfit with young kids and would let them try it on for fun. What a PAW-fect fit! Marcia is still an active cheerleader for UMD sports, you may even find her at a volleyball, football, or basketball game.


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