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Art History and Graphic Design Students Team Up

Santa Maria Novella
May 4, 2016

What happens when Bulldogs, inspired by art history, work with classmates driven to design?

Drawing of Mona Lisa paintingPerson riding bicycle in front of Medici Pelazzo buildingA masterpiece of collaboration that spans two semesters, three classes, four majors, and 46 students.

In a creativity mashup, art history and graphic design students were partnered by graphic design Assistant Professor Alex Girard. "While the student work that comes out of the art history program is inspired and insightful, opportunities to showcase their work can be minimal when compared to studio, design, and performance-based disciplines."

With this opportunity gap as a catalyst, Alex and his art history colleague Associate Professor Jennifer Webb introduced their students and stepped out of the way so the magic could happen.

Jennifer's "Florence and the Courts" class wrote their papers in the fall and handed them off to Alex's graphic design students. "These designers were challenged with developing, mapping, and executing a solution to the problem, using the art history papers as source material," explains Alex.

And when art history was given top billing, the final project's magnified message of creativity is mesmerizing:

The Trailers for the Art History Papers

The online publication of the journal of papers