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Accessibility: Core Skills

September 23, 2016

Start small. Learn just one new skill and integrate it into your daily routine.

Last month we introduced Accessible U, a new website that provides information and strategies for creating a more inclusive, accessible University community. The site has a vast amount of information.

We recommend you start small and add new skills as you get comfortable. If you are new to accessibility a good place to start learning is with Core Skills. They include 6 basic topics that help lay a foundation for inclusive web materials:

  1. Headings
  2. Hyperlinks
  3. Bulleted & Numbered Lists
  4. Color & Contrast
  5. Video Captions & Transcripts
  6. Alt Text

These skills will improve your daily communications for everyone who reads them. Pick out one and give it a go. Great things almost always start small.

For every document you write, every web page you design, every software you purchase, and every email you compose, make accessibility best practices part of your daily routine.

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