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2017 DigiKey Coding Competition

November 28, 2017

Two teams of Computer Science students competed this year.

UMD Computer Science students participated this year in the DigiKey Coding Competition. This annual event takes place in Thief River Falls, Minn. The two UMD CS teams were Team Dijkstra’s Choice: Evan Composto, Ruta Wheelock, Jake Onsgard and Jake Pulkkinen and Team Monti Carlo’s Algorithm: Cody Seavey, Chris Dressen, Jeff Smith and Jo Kachelmeier.

Teams of four students demonstrate their skills, knowledge and teamwork while solving three sets of problems including short programing problems, long programming problems, and problems which do not contain programming but are meant to test logic and analytical reasoning.  Challenges are timed and students are not allowed to use the internet.

Participating Student Comments

“It was a fun experience and I’ll definitely be going next year!”

- Jeffery Smith

“DKC3 was a good time. We were hoping that we would have done a little better but I feel we did well considering our teams took home 4th and 6th place. Everyone competing became closer friends and I’m sad that I will not be able to compete next year.”

- Jake Pulkkinen

 “This was my second year at DigiKey Coding Competition, and I enjoyed it a lot. Programming problems were challenging but we worked as a team and were pleasantly surprised to get the fourth place out of 22 teams.

I appreciate my teammates Jake Onsgard, Evan Composto, and Jake Pulkkinen for their contributions and positive attitudes throughout the day. Thank you!”

- Ruta Wheelock

Team Dijkstra’s Choice


Team Monti Carlo’s Algorithm