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UMD Celebrates 2017 National Coming Out Day

Rainbow and Weber Music Hall
October 11, 2017

UMD’s GLBTQAI Commission hosts its annual event on Wed., Oct. 11 from 12-1 p.m. in the Kirby Ballroom.

Dr. Jacob Wainman, a faculty member from the Swenson College of Science and Engineering, and UMD student Reilly Manzer will share the history of National Coming Out Day and their personal coming out stories with attendees.

The coming out process and stories, says Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Allied, Intersex (GLBTQAI) Commission co-chair and faculty member David Short, is pivotal. "Despite the greater visibility of the GLBTQAI Community within the multitude of medias and communities both small and large—the coming out process still matters. It is an ongoing process for many, dealing with the very personal struggle for self-worth, self-actualization, and communication of their identity is valued. I am so glad that we, as a Commission, are able to help facilitate and make their stories accessible."

The luncheon is held in conjunction with National Coming Out Day, recognized across the world on October 11. The annual event, says GLBTQAI Commission co-chair and director of Housing & Residence Life Jeremy Leiferman, offers the GLBTQAI community and their allies a chance to come together. “There’s nothing more powerful than this, and it’s more important than ever, as we see threats to our rights to live, work, and love on so many levels.”

Luncheon guests have an opportunity to donate to the UMD Cruden-Riggs Scholarship Fund, which seeks to recognize students who have contributed to the GLBT community at UMD.