Crack in the Goalie Mask

Jun 28, 2020

How Keepsakes Are Keepers of UMD’s Story.

There’s something about tangibles. 

We can read UMD’s history, but our story is actualized through collections stashed away for safekeeping. These objects empower understanding of how opposition, fires, and lack of money in the beginning were met with the grit that built UMD. Weathered surfaces call out key milestones – research breakthroughs, athletic championships, theatre awards...meaningful then and invaluable now. 

This curation illuminates UMD’s sum total.

An image showing artifacts from UMD's history. Sage, a feather, a gavel, and graduation cap and stole.

Works in the Tweed collection when it was established in 1950: 30

Objects in the Tweed collection today: 10,000+

Tribal leaders who earned their Master of Tribal Administration and Governance: 
Executive directors: Nine, Elected to tribal council: 10 

The first class of graduates in 1903: Seven (all teachers)

The estimated number of teachers who will graduate in 2019–20: 120

An image showing artifacts from UMD's history. Yearbooks and phonebooks.

Total number of graduates: 79,000+

Living UMD alumni: 73,000+

Alumni older than 90: 1,064 

Alumni who are at least 100: 545

Kennedy Center American Theatre Festival honors:
Regional festivals: 14, National festivals: Five 

Tutoring Center: 363,000 (free tutorials), Eight (subject areas), 70 (courses)

An image showing artifacts from UMD's history. A scarf, UMD mascot trading cards, pins, and ski team members photo.

Nobel Prize-winning alumni: One (Brian Kobilka in 2012, Cell and Molecular Biologist)

UMD mascots: Semper Victorious, Killer, Maroon Loon, Champ

Athletic nicknames: Green & Gold, Peds, Bulldogs

Homecoming celebrations: 86 (every Fall since 1933)