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Wireless Improvements for Kirby Plaza and Chester Park

Text Notice Upcoming Wireless Redesign projects
September 12, 2019

Two new wireless redesign projects are underway.

After completion of the wireless phase of the University's Next Generation Network (NGN) project last academic year, ITSS solicited feedback on WiFi coverage concerns. Chester Park and Kirby Plaza made the list of buildings needing significant WiFi improvements. Both projects have gone through the planning phase and will move to preliminary work in the coming weeks. The following is a breakdown of the projects and what to expect:

  • Existing wireless access points (APs) may be moved from their original location.
  • AP placement is based on wireless needs, building construction, and the capabilities of surrounding APs.
  • Wired connections will not be affected.

Project Collaboration

ITSS Network staff will work with Facilities Management and low-voltage contractors to find the best time to install or move APs in classrooms without disturbing students or faculty. Occupants of the building will also be sent a feedback form along with the new wireless map for a chance to fill in any spots we may have missed.

Next Steps

Chester Park's project date is currently being discussed with the occupants of the building while Kirby Plaza's work is estimated to be completed during winter break (December 16 - January 10).

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