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Pharmacy News

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June 2, 2021

May 2021 news from faculty and staff of the College of Pharmacy Duluth.

Grant Anderson, Head & Associate Professor, Heather Blue, Assistant Professor, MJ Katras, M. Xiong, and G. Lane. presented "Vaccine 101: Webinar for Aging Network Providers & Volunteers." Webinar #2.  (March, 2021)

Grant Anderson, Head & Associate Professor, Prof. MJ Katras, E. Melz, M Doucett, and D. Taylor presented at the Aitkin County COVID-19 Community Forum. (April 2021) 

Anderson, T. Hanhan, G. Karstens, G. Lane, MJ Katras, S. Lund, and K. Peck presented at the Lake County COVID-19 Community Forum. (May 2021)

Anderson, Prof. K. Antilla, and A. Graves presented at the COVID-19 Vaccine Educational Forum. Altec Industries. Duluth, MN (May 2021)

Meg Little, Assistant Professor, presented "Cultural Fluency and Culturally Relevant Pedagogies" at the Teach Together MN Conference (Virtual). Discipline Lead: Health Science. (May 18, 2021)

Drs. Heather Blue, Assistant. Professor, and Laura Palombi, Associate Professor presented "Opioid Use Disorder: Public Health Perspectives and Clinical Treatment Applications" at the Minnesota Society of Health Systems Pharmacy Annual Meeting on April 22, 2021. [Zoom].

Dr. Brown, Assistant Professor, presented “Is it time to pay attention to genetic testing results when prescribing stimulants?” at the Pediatric Academic Society Annual Meeting on May 2nd, 2021.

Gardner A. Lepp, adjunct assistant professor, Kerry Fierke, Associate Head & Associate Professor, and Professor KM Jones presented "Engage the enemy: find common ground by managing conflict" at the Best Practices in Health Sciences Education conference. Minneapolis, MN (virtual). May 2021.

Anthony Olson, Adjunct Assistant Professor, JC Schommer, and S. Lee, et al. (2021) had their article “A 15-Year Ecological Comparison for the Hiring Dynamics of Minnesota Pharmacies between 2006 and 2020published in Journal of Pharmacy Education and Practice, 2021, (9)100; doi: 10.3390/pharmacy9020100.

Olson, Tim Stratton, Assoc Dean & Professor, Isetts BJ, Vaidyanathan R, Jared Van Hooser, Assistant. Prof,  and JC Schommer had their article “Seeing the Elephant: A Systematic Scoping Review and Comparison of Patient-Centeredness Conceptualizations from Three Seminal Perspectives” published in  Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare. 2021;14:973-86.

Laura C. Palombi, S. Medina, K. Melgaard, A. Dahley, & Heather Blue, Assistant Professor had their article “Interdisciplinary Healthcare Professionals’ Perceptions on the Causes and Consequences of the Opioid Crisis: Developing Rural Community Partnerships to Increase Access to Naloxone” published in Journal of Community Education and Scholarship.  [In press]

Palombi presented "Naloxone to Reverse Opioid Overdose," at the Bois Forte Band Naloxone Training (zoom), Bois Forte Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. (May 13, 2021).

Palombi and Associate Prof. Dooley (Graduate) presented "The Impact of Stigma on Individuals with Substance Use Disorder & Mental Health Conditions:  Perspectives from Community-engaged Action Research in Minnesota," at the University of Minnesota Center for Bioethics Grand Rounds (zoom), University of Minnesota. (May 7, 2021).

Palombi, J. Lee, S. Le, S.M. Westberg,  L. Kosobuski, A. Van Loon presented "Assessment of a Human Trafficking Curricular Intervention in Pharmacy Education: A Mixed-Methods Approach," at Best Practices in Health Science Education (virtual),  University of Minnesota - Medical School, Minnesota. (poster, May 5, 2021). 

Palombi, Assoc Prof. B. Bilden, D. Hernandez, and M. Gurno presented "Naloxone to Reverse Opioid Overdose:  A Community-Engaged Training (zoom)," at the St. Louis County ACT Team Training,  St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services. (May 4, 2021).

Palombi, M.E. Schneiderhan, Assoc Prof, K.D. Hager, Co-Assoc Dean & Assoc Prof.  were panelists at the University at Buffalo College of Pharmacy CPNP Speaker's Panel, "University at Buffalo CPNP Speaker’s Panel," University at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York, United States. (April 21, 2021).

David Stenehjem, Associate Professor and Associate Department head, E. Biltaji, B. Walker, T.H. Au, Z. Rivers, J. Ose, C.I. Li, D. Brixner and C.M. Ulrich had their article, “Can Cost-effectiveness Analysis Inform Genotype-Guided Aspirin Use for Primary Colorectal Cancer Prevention?” published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention (2021).

Stenehjem, Waterhouse, J. Lam, K.A. Betts, L. Yin, S. Gao, Y. Yuan, J. Hartman, S. Rao, and S. Lubinga had their article “Real-world outcomes of immunotherapy-based regimens in first-line advanced non-small cell lung cancer,” published in  Lung Cancer, 156, 41-49.  doi: 10.1016/j.lungcan.2021.04.007