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Community Transformation

Jordon and Terresa Moses
June 24, 2020

Terresa and Jordon Moses receive ARAC Award.

"Terresa and Jordon understand the power of art, culture, and creativity in bringing people together." Emily Swanson

Terresa Moses and Jordon Moses, the founders of Blackbird Revolt, won a new award for making a positive, transformative change in the arts culture of the region. The new citation, the Award for Transformative Art, was created by the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council (ARAC) for a long-term commitment to the arts. The Award for Transformative Art will be granted annually in future years.

Jordon Moses is a 2014 graduate of UMD and a former program coordinator in the UMD Office of Diversity & Inclusion. Terresa Moses is an assistant professor in the Department of Art and Design at UMD. She has recently accepted the position of an assistant professor of graphic design and diversity network director at the University of Minnesota’s College of Design.

Jordon and Terresa Moses

Jordon and Terresa Moses

These awards are presented by the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council, whose mission is to facilitate and encourage local arts development. This mission statement grows from a conviction that the arts improve the quality of life in the region.

Award for Transformative Art

“In reviewing the applications for the award this year, we determined that amazing work was being done that we didn’t have the right award to recognize. We have created a new award to honor artists who have created in ways that have transformed the entire arts community in our region,” says Drew Digby, ARAC Executive Director. “Little did we know in February that art would become even more important to hold a community together.”

Cover of Apres Zine

Terresa and Jordon Moses have initiated a new project, Apres Zine: "We created this zine to initially honor Elias Clayton, Elmer Jackson, and Isaac McGhie. We shifted gears as we mourned the violence upon Black lives. Our zine visions a new world and is available to download at"

The names of Jordon Moses and Terresa Moses came up repeatedly for work they have done for the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial, Inc, for the NAACP, the Umbra project, as well as the many projects of Blackbird Revolt. This new award was created because of the significance of what they have done and the importance of work like it in the arts.

“We honor the immense contributions of Terresa Hardaway Moses and Jordon Moses in skillfully combining art, design, and activism to create positive change and promote healing and reconciliation in our communities,” says ARAC board member Emily Swanson, from the Oldenburg Arts and Cultural Community.  “Terresa and Jordon understand the power of art, culture, and creativity in bringing people together.  In future years, this award will be given to artists and culture bearers who exemplify Terresa and Jordon Moses; effective combining of love for art and humanity.“

Blackbird Revolt graphic design images

Logo for the All Black Zine (left), Poster for the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial 100-year commemoration (c), Interior image from Apres Zine (r).

Blackbird Revolt graphic design images

Blackbird Revolt merchandise (l). Images from UMBRA, an art exhibit centered around the intersectional experiences of Black womxn (c and r).

Banner 1: (Top image) Photograph courtesy of Nemuel Nyangaresi 
Banner 2: Photograph courtesy of Rebecca Slater, by Rebecca Studio

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