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Homecoming: Snapshot Stories

Hannah Hall and Madi Galloway get tattoos
October 16, 2018

UMD students use Instagram and Snapchat to celebrate Homecoming.

UMD’s 2018 Homecoming weekend looked like a sea of jean jackets and Bulldog apparel. Students across the city had their phones out documenting events and activities on Snapchat and Instagram. Danceline member

At UMD, like campuses across the country, social media apps have a massive impact on college age students. They use them more frequently than other age groups. According to Pew Research Center 78% of 18-24 year olds use Snapchat and 71% of that age group use Instagram.

What is it that make these apps so popular? UMD #HOCO will tell you that.

Freshman Faith Athmann says, “I use Snapchat to stay in touch with my friends at different schools. I put out more individual snaps than anything else, but I love making and looking at stories too!”

Bulldog puppy According to Omnicore, a digital marketing agency, 68% of Instagram users are female. At UMD female students use Instagram often and many say they prefer it over Snapchat.

“Good lighting, exciting activities, and a lot of likes make a good Instagram,” says senior Hannah Hall. Emily Hall, a freshman, agrees. "I like the visual aspects. I like Instagram better than Snapchat so I use it a lot more. They are both fun ways to communicate.

Omnicore data shows that 63% of Snapchat users open the app everyday and use on average of over 30 minutes a day.

Cheerleaders Mona Gabow and Angie Hoey Jumping off the porch

Senior Amanda Halvorson says she spends even more time Snapchatting than that: “All of my friends use Snapchat.” She says. “I don’t have a single friend who doesn’t have one. I use it all day everyday. I snap way more than I text.”

Male students share lots of selfies on Snapchat, according to Omnicore, in fact 50% of male college students post selfies. Sophomore Justic’e King uses the app a bit differently. He says, “I love to send snaps of the food I make and football games.”

On the field women in bulldog gear Five at the football game

Omnicore data illustrates that active Snapchat users open the app over 25 times per day. This number didn’t surprise senior Clay Olson who says, “I use Snapchat multiple times a day, which is a lot more than I use instagram. I like it better.”

Whether UMD students cheered at the football game, watched the parade, or jammed out at the Lizzo concert, everything students did was snapped or Instagrammed. 2018 Homecoming and #HOCO will not soon be forgotten.

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Photos: Banner photo: Hannah Hall and Madi Galloway. Top photo: Jefrina Jayaraj. Middle photo: Abbey Degoey. First set of three: Left: Bri Shirley, Madi Hjermstad, Bryana Ringham. Center: Mona Gabow, Angie Hoey, Right: Siri Traynor. Second set of three: Left: Erin Birkholtz, John Birkholtz, Dave Birkholtz. Center: Tina McManus, Leah Pettit, Karlee Klinkhammer, Right: Shane Gulickson, Bailey Loso, Bethany Bogenholm, Emily Hall, Zach Zlinter.