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Inktober: An International Art Challenge

Pen and Ink drawing of sheep.
November 4, 2019

English faculty member Krista Twu celebrated Inktober with the Duluth Interdisciplinary Chirographic Technology Association.

At UMD, faculty from several departments participated in Inktober, with the encouragement of Krista Twu, in the Department of English, Linguistics & Writing Studies.

Snow, Krista Twu, ELWS (after a photograph by Andy Breckenridge)

The rules for Inktober, an international art challenge, are simple:

1) Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want;

or use whatever medium you prefer).  Use the prompt list - or don’t!

2) Post it to social media or just on your refrigerator

3) Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2019

4) Repeat daily - or as often as you please. The point of the challenge

is to push you to draw or create regularly and often.

A video explaining Inktober is available online.


Mindless, Krista Twu, ELWS

Mindless, Dana Lindaman, World Languages & Literatures


Freeze, by Krista Twu, ELWS

Freeze (lino print), by Elizabeth Austin-Minor, Chemistry



Christine de Pizan, lecturing. British Library, Harley 4431, f.259v.

From compendium of Christine de Pizan’s works, 1413.

Produced in her scriptorium in Paris.

Dr. Krista Twu, Associate Professor of English, specializes in Medieval Studies,
and their courses in ELWS emphasize both the literary works of the medieval
and renaissance world and the techniques used to produce and transmit them. 
Twu teaches several courses of interest to UMD students.  

ENGL 1535: King Arthur in Literature, History and Art
ENGL 2535: The Bible in Literature, History and Art
ENGL 3501: British Literature I (Origins-1800)
ENGL 3222: Shakespeare
ENGL 5312: Chaucer
ENGL 5533: English Literature before 1800 
“Love in the Time of Plague”
“Mapping the Heavens”
“Sinners and Saints”
“Hell: Sin and Punishment in Medieval Literature”
ENGL 5661: Publishing the Middle Ages
ENGL 5821: History of the English Language