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2020 Faculty Awards & Staff Recognition

University of Minnesota Duluth sign outdoors
April 24, 2020

Faculty and staff are recognized for their exceptional work and years of service.


Chancellor’s Distinguished Research/Creative Activity Award
Faculty members who receive this award are honored for their excellence in research or creative activity, scholarly or artistic contributions to individual disciplines, and dedication to student research. This year’s recipient is Richard Gran, Physics & Astronomy, SCSE

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching
This award recognizes faculty who have made contributions to the teaching mission of UMD that are of extraordinary quality and reflect UMD’s emphasis on high quality undergraduate and graduate education.This award honors faculty for innovative pedagogy, development of creative and critical thinking, student mentoring, commitment to liberal education, and leadership and impact within a department. This year’s recipient is Tracy Bibelnieks, Math & Statistics, SCSE

Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Public Service
This award honors faculty who have demonstrated extraordinary and sustained commitment to public service and community engagement. This award recognizes faculty who have demonstrated an integration of civic and community engagement in their teaching; shown leadership in advancing students’ civic learning; conducted community-based research; fostered community partnerships; promoted the scholarship of engagement among his/her colleagues; or made contributions to positive change on issues of public concern. This year’s recipient is Terresa Moses, Art & Design, SFA

UMD faculty members Richard Gran, Tracy Bibelnieks, Terresa Moses

Richard Gran, Tracy Bibelnieks, and Terresa Moses

Albert Tezla Teacher/Scholar Award
This award is given annually to a faculty member in the College of Liberal Arts or the School of Fine Arts who has an exceptional and effective teaching style that emphasizes the worth of research in a learned discipline and the maturing impact scholarly activity has on the development of human attitudes and values. This year's recipient is Dan Martin, Anthropology, Sociology, & Criminology, CLA.

2020 Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award. This award is given to faculty members who have demonstrated outstanding service to their undergraduate students. This year’s recipient is Jennifer Brady, World Languages & Cultures, CLA

2020 Outstanding Graduate Faculty Advisor Award. The Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award is given each year to faculty members who have demonstrated outstanding service to their graduate students. This year’s recipient is David Beard, English, Linguistics, & Writing Studies, CLA

Dan Martin, Jennifer Brady, David Beard

Dan Martin, Jennifer Brady, and David Beard


The following individuals were recognized for their years of service:

Celebrating 25 years of service:

Cynthia Boben
Sally Bradt
Greg Cane
Carlos Carranza-Torres
James Crusan
Frank Garcia
Donald Hovde
Tom Isbell
Aaron Johnson
Jeffrey Kalstrom
Victor Krause
Lori Kunkel
Mark Liske
Robert Lloyd
Tracey Lundgren
Linda Marnich
Bernard McMahon
Joy Michalicek
Theresa Orso
Amy Sather
Patrick Schoff
Scott Schulz
Jill Strand
Kate Ufema
Mark Whitlock
Janelle Wilson

Celebrating 30 years of service:
Rodger Brannan
Nancy Carl
Randall Carlson
Becky Christy
William Dixon
Jody Elwell
Randall Gordon
John Greene
George Host
Zhuangyi Liu
Vickie Miller
Helen Mongan-Rallis
Jody O’Connor
Bruce Peckham
Paula Pedersen
Eileen Walters

Celebrating 35 years of service:
Mary Jo Aubin
Kevin Claus
Greg Grunwald
John Heine
Liz Benson Johnson
Patrick Keenan
Eil Kwon
Kimberly Lundy
Karl Novek
Robert Nygaard
Jeff Watczak

Celebrating 40 years of service:
James Allert
Sarah Grosshuesch
John Keener
Daniel Reilly

Celebrating 50 years of service:
Uwe Stuecher