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Professor Arli Noted for Research Productivity

UMD"s Labovitz School of Business & Economics building with fall grass in foreground
September 21, 2020

LSBE’s professors devote considerable time towards research in their fields of study.

Did you know that the University of Minnesota is one of just 65 universities that belongs to the prestigious Association of American Universities—an organization that is devoted to high-caliber research and education to “improve public health,  address national changes, and contribute to economic strength?” That’s in addition to the education of its students—the visionary leaders and innovators of tomorrow!

As such, LSBE’s professors devote considerable time towards research in their fields of study—a labor intensive and rigorous process—with their findings being published in national and international professional journals.

UMD LSBE Assistant Professor Denni Arli

Dr. Denni Arli

While many professors have made profound impacts and deserve recognition, LSBE’s Denni Arli, assistant professor of Marketing, has been noted for his productivity. A study examining the most research productive scholars in the world was recently published in the preeminent journal Marketing Intelligence and Planning where the authors evaluated the journals most prolific authors from the last 37 years. LSBE’s Dr. Arli was ranked #11!

This is particularly impressive given that the table in the article spans the entire 37-year period and the ranking is in order of absolute number of publications in the journal,” said Dr. Rajiv Vaidyanathan, professor of Marketing and head of the Marketing Department.  “This is a tremendous achievement for such a young scholar that clearly indicates he's on his way to being the most prolific author in the journal ever. Another table in the article shows Dr. Arli was #1 in the world for the 2013-2019 period with almost double the number of publications of the #2 author on that list.”

Since attaining his Ph.D. in 2012, Arli, whose fields of research focus on consumer ethics, consumer religiosity and social marketing, has a total of 65 published research studies.

“It is interesting to me to see the intersection between consumers’ beliefs and behavior,” said Arli of his research. “Many companies are grappling with the so called ‘attitude-behavior gap’ characterized by consumers who say they are concerned about ethical issues but do not necessarily express them in their market behavior.”

Having professors who publish research, like those in the U of M system, is an incredible boon for students.

 “A highly published professor means that the professor is consistently finding solutions to the most recent business issues through research,” said Arli. “The professor knows the most relevant and updated research methodologies, which will benefit students in their careers as they solve various business problems.”

“This meritorious achievement demonstrates the dedication that Dr. Arli has to his profession as well as teaching,” said LSBE Dean Amy B. Hietapelto. “Each research project and subsequent published article is an ambitious undertaking involving many laborious hours of work. Each research project, while contributing to his discipline, also informs his teaching. We are very proud and honored to have Dr. Arli as one of our many stellar faculty.”

You can go to Google Scholar and look up author names to see some of the amazing research that LSBE/UMD professors have done.

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