Rob Wittig Contributes Chapter to Prize-Winning Book

Aug 30, 2018

The book, Bloomsbury Handbook of Electronic Literature, received the Hayles Prize for critical writing. 

At the recent Montreal meeting of the Electronic Literature Association, Professor Joseph Tabbi and his contributors to the Bloomsbury Handbook of Electronic Literature were awarded the 2018 N. Katherine Hayles Prize for critical writing. 

The volume contains a chapter by UMD Assistant Professor Rob Wittig: 

"Literature and Netprov in Social Media: A Travesty, or, In Defense of Pretension"

Over 20 authors, reflecting several continents and disciplines contributed to the Handbook, debating and analyzing electronic literature with both specific case studies and more general birds-eye perspectives. One of the Hayles jurors called this work a “monumental handbook for electronic literature.” In this nearly 500-page volume the authors, as one juror puts it, “realize their deep affection for generative intellectual work and aesthetic agonism.”

About The Bloomsbury Handbook of Electronic Literature

The digital age has had a profound impact on literary culture, with new technologies opening up opportunities for new forms of literary art from hyperfiction to multi-media poetry and narrative-driven games. Bringing together leading scholars and artists from across the world, The Bloomsbury Handbook of Electronic Literature is the first authoritative reference handbook to the field.

Crossing disciplinary boundaries, this book explores the foundational theories of the field, contemporary artistic practices, debates and controversies surrounding such key concepts as canonicity, world systems, narrative and the digital humanities, and historical developments and new media contexts of contemporary electronic literature. Including guides to major publications in the field, The Bloomsbury Handbook of Electronic Literature is an essential resource for scholars of contemporary culture in the digital era.

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