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Joel McKinnon Miller

No Place Like Home

March 21, 2018

UMD alumni returns to Minnesota to perform in The 24 Hour Plays.

Payphone Removal

March 21, 2018

Because of lack of use and expense all but the two most highly used pay phones will be removed from campus.

3M Designates LSBE a Frontline Sales Initiative School

March 19, 2018

LSBE is one of only 14 universities in 3M's Frontline Sales Initiative Program.

Local Food Options: What's a CSA?

March 18, 2018

Community Supported Agriculture: Farm-fresh produce every week!

Exploring Laponia

March 16, 2018

Join us for an exploration of the fascinating homeland of the Sami people on Monday, March 19.  
Africa map graphic

They Shared a Vision of Equality

March 13, 2018

UMD honors two civil rights leaders who changed the world: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nelson Mandela. 
Karen Diver

Nevertheless, We Persist

March 7, 2018

UMD hosts Women's History Month celebration with keynote speaker Karen Diver on March 19.
Ryuta Nakajima

The Art and Science of Sturgeon

March 6, 2018

UMD's Ryuta Nakajima mixes art and Great Lakes science.

#MeToo Speak Out

March 6, 2018

Join the CLA Change Team and the Women's Resource & Action Center on March 20 to share your stories and support others telling theirs.
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KUMD January & February Highlights

March 5, 2018

Listen to some stories you may have missed on KUMD in January and February.