New To Honolulu

Dec 20, 2021

Zoom Classes and the Waves of the Pacific

Heavy waves crash along the southern shore of Honolulu, Hawaii. Lizzy Horn rolls up her mat after doing yoga on the beach. Grains of sand stuck between her toes, she trots up the stairs to the room she is staying in for the year. She pulls out her laptop and starts her UMD classes for the day.

Lizzy Horn on the beach

It all started in January 2021. Horn’s cousin suggested that Horn should come live in Hawaii for a year and attend UMD remotely. Horn says, “I was kind of in a funk and on top of that, it was so cold in Duluth and I wasn’t feeling it.” Horn and her advisor figured out a way for Horn to take online classes in fall 2021. Next she got out of her apartment lease and before the leaves started turning colors in Minnesota, she was boarding a plane to the big island. 

Touring UMD

Horn grew up in Plymouth, Minnesota and spent a lot of time in Duluth and up north with her family. They often camped in Grand Marais.

Once, she and a friend took a solo road trip to Duluth and Grand Marais. While they were in Duluth, Horn and her friend toured UMD. Horn says, “My friend and I looked at each other and we both said, ‘We need to go here and live together.’ ”

Public Health Major

Horn always knew she wanted to help people. At UMD, she is a junior with a major in public health with an emphasis on community. She also has a minor in early childhood studies. She says, “I have always wanted to work with kids who have disabilities. There are so many kids who need love and support.”

Horn has two important passions: dance and yoga. “Dance has always just made me feel really happy,” says Horn. She grew up dancing as a little kid. She says, “It feels free.” Her first job working with children was teaching dance and she hopes to use her love for dance throughout her career.

Another goal in her future fits with her major and her interests. She wants to open a yoga studio. Not just for the general public, she wants to teach children with disabilities.

UMD Classes and Professors

“Lila Ann White, my UMD ballet teacher, is my favorite,” Horn says. “She is the kindest person and knows so much about ballet and dance.” When attending UMD in person, Horn would often stop by White’s office and check in with her. 

Another class she enjoys is part of the early childhood program. Called Infants and Toddlers, the class offers a glimpse of the growth and development of children through documentaries and stories.

One More Semester

Horn plans to be back in person at UMD starting in fall 2022. She will graduate with her bachelor's degree in public health in spring 2023. On Horn’s Instagram page, she posts messages for her friends such as, “Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.” That’s just the kind of person she is. It’s no wonder her motto for life is, “Be kind to all kinds.”

About the UMD Public Health Program

This story was written by Maija Johnson, who is majoring in journalism. Maija works with Cheryl Reitan in University Marketing and Public Relations.