2021 Scholarship and Award Winners

Jul 10, 2021

SCSE students honored with Mathematics scholarships and awards.

Congratulations to the following students who are recipients of this year's scholarships and awards for the Mathematics and Statistics Department! Thank you to the generous donors who make these scholarships possible.

Undergraduate Departmental Awards & Honors:

Outstanding Graduating Senior

Coy Schwieder, Dustin Baker, Jingyi Yang, Yongming He, Ashley Nordlund

Honorable Mention For Outstanding Graduating Senior

Grant Montgomery, Samuel Carman, Patrick Otto, Elliot Musielewicz, Bennett Sell, Chi Zhang

Undergraduate Service Award

Bennett Sell, Coy Schwieder

Honorable Mention For Undergraduate Service Award

Carter Henry

Departmental Honors

Coy Schwieder, Yongming He, Grace Aspenson, Xi Zheng

Bulldog Award

Caleb Hansen, Tyler Henkemeyer

Grace C. Peterson Calculus Achievement Award

Travis Voigt, Erik Desmith

William Lowell Putnam Competition Award

Dustin Baker, Benjamin Hanzsek-Brill

MN IT Center Of Excellence Data Derby NASA/NOAA Challenge

Kyle Peterson, Cambria Dorothy, Rachel Willhite, Rachael Solarz, Tyler Henkemeyer, Sarah Vind, Mikaela Maki, Elliot Musielewicz

Minnemudac NCAA Basketball Challenge

Wesley Norrgran, Cole Ofsthun, Zack St John

Undergraduate Department Scholars:

James L. Nelson Scholars

Amber Vogl, Samantha Stelling

Krossner/Kac Scholar

Joseph Fee

Faculty Excellence Scholars

Benjamin Hanzsek-Brill, Kylee Beilke

Department Scholars

Patrick Otto, Erin Hopkins

Robert L. Senkler Scholars

Mikaela Maki, Mark Robinson, Mitchell Schirmers, Tyler Henkemeyer, Austin Seavert

Barry & Kang James Scholar

Jack Namyst

Sylvan D. Burgstahler Scholars

John Pan, Jordan Richman

William A Lokke Scholars

Emily Haase, Michael Waldorf

William H. Lounsberry Scholar

Natalie Kirkpatrick

Grace C. Peterson Scholar

Yifei Ye

Differt Scholar

Carter Henry

Graduate Awards & Honors:

SCSE Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

Dalena Vien, Holly Fearn, Meghan Stevens

Mathematics And Statistics Department Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

Szymon Steczek, Alex Lamannis, Weizhi Jing

Outstanding Graduate: Mathematical Sciences M.S.

Jan Matas, Mingyue Hu